Agrihack Innovation Harvest 2017 Registrations Now Open

Do you have some great ideas you think could improve the agricultural industry for all?

A hackathon is an event where people get together and develop awesome products, ideas or solutions in a short time span. Usually held over 24-48 hours, these events are designed for the ultimate in collaboration, usually with a prize offered to the winning team.

The 2017 Agrihack Innovation Harvest will be held the 6-7 April, at Charles Sturt University Conference Centre Wagga Wagga, NSW – the heartland of regional agriculture. Agrihack is proudly supported by Commonwealth Bank, and their innovation experts will be facilitating the hackathon. Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Masterclasses will also explore techniques and methodologies that participants can use in their own business or studies.

The concept is to bring diverse teams together to problem solve for real challenges. We are looking for representatives from industry bodies, relevant businesses, academics, local tech companies agronomists, designers, designer thinkers, farmers, farmers’ families and more to join. These teams will design, prototype and pitch solutions to their chosen challenge. Teams will be a mix of different backgrounds and skills sets, ensuring a wide range of interesting perspectives.  

There will be three key challenges posed to participants; one focusing on wool, one on dairy and the third on grain. Watch this space for more information of these challenges next week!


There is so much hype around agritech. A large gap in this emerging industry is the linking of the regions and the farmer to those building the solutions. There is also a disconnect between the real challenges in the paddock and the topics of research being funded.

Agrihack Innovation Harvest aims to help start a movement where we begin to bridge these gaps.

Registration is open to teams and individuals. It is free to register and there is up to $5000 in prizes. If you or someone you know would be interested take a look at the website

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Dianna Somerville//Founder

Dianna Somerville