Agrihack come to Wagga to workshop issues with agriculture experts - The Daily Advertiser - 01.02.18

By Annie Lewis

Photo - Annie Lewis, c/o The Daily Advertiser

Photo - Annie Lewis, c/o The Daily Advertiser

Agrihack, the agriculturally-led super brainstorm, took over Wagga on Thursday as great minds got together to workshop issues in the industry. 

Participants come from all over Australia and range from agriculture students and farmers to consumer research scientists and technology experts. 

“The event has grown on last years success and we can’t wait to see what great solutions are taken to the next level as a result of the Agrihack,” said founder Dianna Somerville. 

Grouped in teams, challenges are issued on topics such as how to keep grain in silos dry, accurately measure meat chickens, and how to inspire older farmer or fishers to create transition opportunities for the next generation. 

Dr. Soumi Paul Mukhopadhyay, Sensory and consumer scientist, DPI-NSW Horticulture marveled at how quickly progress is achieved when people from different areas of study come together. The workshop continues today. 

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Dianna Somerville